Bali Wood Carving – Great Form of Art

Bali wood carving is perhaps the most popular of all other kinds of wood carvings. Artisans and craftsmen are doing the carving from centuries as this is their family business and art. Every kind of item is carved on wood in Bali.

Bali is known for its art, beautiful nature of people and their spiritual values. All these are highly visible in the Bali wood carving especially the spirituality. Their love to their God is represented in their every craft. Their artifacts will give your home a different and refined look.

The best part of Balinese woodcarving is that you will always find something you are looking for and that that too in an expected price. Bali wood masks, wood banana tress, wild flowers, animal sculptures are the most common to see on the shelves of retailing stores.

Most of the artists there work without any prior education and training in this art of wood carving as it runs in their blood. So they are really capable of giving shape to their thoughts and creativity through this art. Jewel carving along with this is particularly popular. On this also you will find many kinds of Balinese sculptures, modern fashion as well as traditional style.

Bali wood carving earlier was done on temples, spiritual places etc. Also the carved demons, pills having mythical beings, door panels having the wood carving are the most popular as these keep the evil intruders out and wont allow these to enter.

Every village in Bali has its own specialization and style of work. Village Mas near Ubud is known for its wooden carving . Here beautiful female figures, Buddha sculptures and other characters from Hindu epics are carved in a very beautiful way.

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