Doll House Furniture For Children

A lot of dollhouse furniture you will find in doll house shops is designed for adult collectors and not for children to play with. This furniture often looks very decorative but is not really suitable for a child to play with and will not last long if they are a bit heavy handed. Children's doll house furniture needs to be able to withstand rough play and even them standing on it if they decide to pull everything out of their dolls house and all over the floor as kids often do.

There are several ranges of children's doll house furniture but Plan Toys make an excellent range of doll furniture especially for children. It is strong and robust and usually made out of wood and decorated with bright paint and material. Their furniture is very safe to play with as well as being fun. There are a lot of different furniture sets available including kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and even patio and outdoor furniture. Plan Toys also make a range of children's dolls which fit perfectly into the furniture.

Doll house furniture comes in many shapes and forms. Almost everything you get in full size you can get in miniature if you know where to look. There are hundreds of dolls house shops all around the world catering to the miniature needs of many enthusiasts. Many of these shops have their own range of select items or items hand crafted especially for them to sell. Most of these items are not suitable for children. Children's furniture is much less varied but is more clearly colored to help with imaginative play.

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