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Tasna Coffee Teak Table

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Tasna Teak Branch Sofa 1 Seater

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Tasna Teak Branch Sofa 2 Seater

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Tissa Teak Branch Chair

Teak Branch Furniture is one of our website and a symbol that we provide beautiful furniture and celebrate natural materials. We do love nature beauty and we manifest it into furniture we provide. So this is where we are proposing one of our most beautiful collections named Tissa chair.

The Tissa Chair is a very attractive and completely unique chair. Made from teak branch and totally handcrafted by our best craftsmen. We keep its natural colors as the way it is. We wanted to show the beautiful natural color of the teak branches – whitish with brownish grain.

Tissa chair has pyramid shaped with an additional horizontal piece of wood at the top of back rest. But trust me, you won’t find these chairs exactly similar one to the other. It is the matter of natural shape of teak branch. And these pretty curves are a plus. Added with round seat – one piece of suar / teak wood, this is what we call natural beauty. It is perfect for placing teak branch chair into indoor space – it is not recommended to place it in outdoor areas. This is belonging to soft wood classification.

Dimension: (HWD)
Tissa Chair: 90 x 45 x 53cm

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Kalla Teak Branch Sofa 2 Seater

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Matty Teak Branch Bench 2 Seater

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Matty Teak Branch Bench 3 Seater

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Renna Teak Branch Bench 2 Seater

Adding Charming and Functional Bench into Your Space – Renna Bench

Handmade furniture is still and still has a high value in the market. Because it requires expertise from craftsmen that not everyone has.

Renna bench is one of our handmade furniture. This bench was handcrafted by our best craftsmen. And with the best designer team we have, we create simple, sturdy, functional, and beautiful furniture design.

Renna Bench is made of teak branch which is endowed with natural beauty. No one doubts it. W do not really need much to beautify it. It is enough to maintain what is already attached to it. What we do is attach some pieces of wood as what we want and it will magically bewitch you.

The strength of our teak branch bench lies on the design as well as the natural beauty inherent in this bench material. The combination of two points is able to change your room instantly to be unique and fresh. You will get your friends and family’s impressions by placing them in your room.

Dimension: (HWD)

Renna Bench 80: 73 x 89 x 40cm

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Renna Teak Branch Bench 3 Seater

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Evanko Teak Branch Laundry

This laundry box is made from teak branch wood. Bringing out a natural looks, it is enhanced its natural enchantment by adding a white woven fabric. Features with button made from coconut shell enable us to remove the fabric part and clean it. It is so simple and attractive.

Dimension: (HWD)
AUNDRY Laundry Box: 83 x 87 x 43

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Kalla Coffee Teak Branch Table

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Kalla Teak Branch Living Set

Wanting to have a beautifully natural living room for your home, means it is needed to put some furniture in natural look into. Let us introduce one of our newest collections – living set furniture with an extremely natural enchantment named as Kala Living Set.

It is made of teak branch yang it’s natural shape are exposed. To make it comfortable for you to sit on it, we add a seat cushion and back rest pillow. Fabric which is used is made by looms, not machine one. We prefer to use white woven fabric to raise its clean impression. It is very beautiful. By placing this teak branch living set in one of the space in your house is a kind of magic spell that can change atmosphere be as perfect as nature’s beauty.

Dimension: (HWD)
Kalla Sofa 1 Seater : 72 x 76 x 82cm
Kalla Sofa 2 Seaters : 72 x 136 x 82
Kalla Coffee Table : 45 x 120 x 62

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Kalla Shoes Teak Branch Rack

Kalla Rack: Impeccable and Luxurious Boho Statement Furniture

We often encounter vintage and old-style furniture in boho-style interior design. So, many believes that boho furniture style is the old-style and vintage one. Some other says that boho furniture is all furniture having natural charm. But recently, teak branch furniture is sprung up as a boho furniture style. And it becomes a trend in many countries in the world.  

Kalla Rack is one of Wisanka’s new designs that is unique. It’s another multi-function rack we design. And, it is in boho style range. It has a truly natural beauty whose reputation is beyond doubt. Seeing the pure white color with dark brown wooden grain and authentic shape of teak branch which is kept, this will immerse you into its charm.

Kalla has a fairly simple design, with a basic beam shape with teak branch ornamentation with a smaller diameter than the frame. The ornaments are on the right and left side. It forms like an artistic leaf bone. It is totally unique and beautiful. Kalla is a kind of attractive rack which can be a true statement of a luxury.

Dimension: (HWD)

Kalla Rack: 96 x 94 x 44cm

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Kalla Teak Branch Sofa 1 Seater

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Duffin Teak Branch Shoes Rack

That boho furniture is a design that is currently popular in various parts of the world as well as boho interior design. This is a style that combines several textures into a room. For example, wooden furniture in a boho style and vintage-style furniture are combined in a room by adding some colorful fabric accessories. Some says this style is about carrying a natural charm into a house that is not fixated on firm lines.

Duffin Rack, this is one of our collections, is in this range. Duffin Rack is made of material having great reputation as furniture materials that are able to bring an aura of natural beauty to every product. By its natural white color with natural dark brown grain, this we need no a finishing color to maintain its beauty. Apart from that, we also keep natural shape of teak branch. So you would not find exactly similar color and shape of one to another. Only the outline is the same.

Functionally, this Duffin Rack is indeed a multi-purpose shelf where you can store some of your items on this shelf. But other than that, this shelf is perfectly placed in a boho style room. Add some colorful fabrics and a vase complete with fresh plants, and then magically you have a teak branch rack which is also being the center point of your room.

Dimension: (HWD)

Duffin Rack: 113 x 85 x 44cm

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Enuka Teak Branch Sofa 1 Seater

Proudly present a masterpiece of us, Wisanka, named as Enuka sofa 1 seater. This is a chair made of teak branch. A material has a natural beauty that radiates perfectly. Having a natural color, which is whitish with dark brownish grain color, this contrasting two colors blend creates harmonious, clean, beautiful looks. This is being our reason why we expose its natural color.

This teak branch chair is equipped with a seat and back rest cushion that will support the comfort of anyone who sit on it. With a bright, clean-looking wood color, we used a white fabric color. We use off white woven fabric. This type of fabric is Indonesia locally made by best craftsmen using non machine loom.

From the seat shape, Enuka chair is perfect for relaxing time. Putting it next to the window of your room is a perfect idea. You can sit back and relax looking outside through window. By drinking a glass of tea in the afternoon and eating a slice of bread, this will relax you more. Further this chair enables you to change your private room to be warmer, more comfortable, and calm.

Dimension: (HWD)

Enuka Sofa 1 Seater: 75 x 60 x 95cm

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Console Teak Table

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Betsy Teak Branch Chair

It won’t take too much to change the ambiance of your home become a pleasant one. How? It just as simple as putting one or two rustic chair around your home and then voila your home become the most pleasant one.
Betsy Chair is classified into very artistic rustic chairs truly. This chair is made of teak branch. For seat, we use teak wood. But this is also very suitable if the seat uses suar wood. The natural teak branch shape makes each chair will not have exactly similar shape one to another even with the same design.

The Betsy chair has a letter X back seat shape. We added horizontal wood to the end of the back legs and also upper backrest. In addition to beautify this teak branch chair, this horizontal wood also serves as holder the upper back.

Dimension: (HWD)
Betsy Chair: 87 x 45 x 53cm

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Betsy Teak Branch Bench 2Str

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Bar Teak Branch Table

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Bar Teak Branch Chair

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Aundry Knockdown Wooden Laundry

Aundry Laundry Box is one of our new release designs which are completely full of natural charm. Made of teak branch and combine with white woven fabric which where we can store the laundry into. This fascinating laundry box frame has natural teak branch shape. And we apply water base coating to keep the natural teak branch color.

This Bohemian design feels like it is suitable to be placed in any design space indeed. Further, we design it in flat pack so that it will save space when shipping. It’s a kind of loveable functional stunning thing you won’t miss.

Dimension: (HWD)
AUNDRY Laundry Box: 70 x 62 x 46

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