Home Decor Ideas For Green-Minded People

The best possible home décor is that which expresses the the owners’ personality, likes, dislikes and life principles. Very often, the best way to do this is through themed home décor, such that the furniture, accessories and walls all combine to give one single, unified set of impressions. Decorating with a theme in mind does not mean that you must order all your furniture from one place, or that everything has to look the same. What it means is that you allow your preferences to play a certain role in your decor, rather than merely buying anything that looks “all right” and fits your budget.

People with a “green” mindset often find that all-natural home décor has a special place in their hearts. However, not everyone is sure how to go about it.

The key to being environmentally friendly lies in the cliched keyphrase – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Therefore, the best place to start would be to buy used furniture, made out of renewable and/or recyclable materials. Wood, metal and rattan clearly jump out as favorites, as those materials fulfill all these criteria, and are remarkably durable too. Best of all, these three materials combine very well with each other, and can be put to use to create a contemporary, utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing interior ambience.

For young people moving into a place of their own, the first requirement is comfort. This must be met in all rooms – the living room, bedroom, study, bathroom and kitchen.

Each room requires chairs of different kinds. In the living room, a set of low, cushioned stools works beautifully as a foot-rest as well as a lounge seat. Cushions can be filled with sawdust or feathers, as an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic polyester foam. Rattan sofa sets with wooden frames are both sturdy and stylish, letting you relax in style and comfort while watching television or listening to music. In keeping with the earth tones all around your home, you may also opt for wood or wicker stands for your television, home theater or other household accessories. Also pick a comfortable chair and desk for your working space.

A bed of a comfortable height can be made with woven rattan on a wooden or metal frame. While wooden slats covered with thick mattresses are snug and cozy, people with back problems would benefit from the elasticity of a rattan bed. In hot weather, rattan also stays much cooler than any mattress, and can also be covered with a damp sheet as an inexpensive way to stay cool. Mattresses can be brought out in the winter, or you can also use a warm sleeping bag on the bed itself.

While rattan and wood make a beautiful combination in shades of white, cream, yellow and brown, steel is also highly versatile. Make good use of these materials to give your home a natural, green look that will cost you little and last you for decades.

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