Mid Century Danish Modern Teak

When we talk about Mid Century Danish Modern Teak Furniture, we see the art behind the creation of each piece. Teak, in its very element has a beauty of its own; A striking reddish brown wood that can withstand most weather, imperfect to termites or pests – it proves how valuable this material really is.

This type of tree is usually found in Asian countries, like India, The Philippines, and Indonesia. The hardwood is used mainly in the production of boats, furniture, wood frames or beams of old type houses in India.

In the 1950s and 1960s, its fame grew through the style now known as Danish modern. Famous Dutch designers like Finn Juhl, Hans Wegner, and Grete Jalk provided new and forward thinking designs that still inspire people to this day. Their designing craftsmanship bought Danish modern designs to popular attention through the world. Of course you can see the logic behind their choice of material – a wood known for its high quality that can preserve your work over a long period of time. The choice of teak and its appeal has allowed more people to appreciate the work, effort, and the creativity behind each design.

Although teak is not a cheap material, it will always be a popular choice for many in creating these Danish teak furniture pieces. The texture and color of teak completes the feel and look of each piece, more sculpture that furniture. The bold feel of teak is a perfect match for the modest and simple designs of most Danish teak furniture. The elegant designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and robust structure of each piece are definitely what set them apart. Its flexibility and adaptability truly is something to be expected.

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