Rattan Furniture

In recent years, Rattan furniture has become increasingly popular. It is a style that will compliment any room at a price that anyone can afford.

Rattan furniture is extremely durable. When it is taken care of properly, it can last up to fifty years. It beats out any other type of furniture including leather or fabric. Another benefit to Rattan furniture is that you can have it custom made. It may take a little longer for delivery, however it will be made to your design. This assures that it will fit into any décor that you choose. Making it is not an easy task. There are twenty-five procedures that must be followed in order to create the perfect piece. The Rattan itself comes from Indonesia where it is painted with a water-based paint before any other procedure is done. This insures that the Rattan furniture will be protected from pests and mold.

It is important that you take care of your Rattan furniture to insure long life. It can enhance any room, however sunlight can be its worst enemy. Always keep your Rattan furniture out of direct sunlight and take precautions such as sun filtering blinds or room darkening shades. When you clean your Rattan furniture, do not use water. It can cause permanent damage and reduce the life of your furniture. Use a clean dry cloth to dust it and vacuum cleaner once a week to clean it.
If you live in an area with high humidity levels, you will notice that your Rattan furniture is the most difficult to clean in the summer season.

It can be placed in any room in your home. A Rattan breakfast nook is perfect for your first cup of coffee in the morning, and can be wonderful if you want to unwind at night in front of the fireplace. The only place where Rattan furniture is not recommended is in the bathroom because of the steam from the shower.

If you choose to use Rattan in your bedroom, you can create a tropical look that will have friends and family green with envy.

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