Seagrass Furniture – Unique and Beautiful

At the mention of the word seagrass, many people might visualise a plant similar to that of seaweed. The difference is that seaweed is an algae while seagrass is a flowering plant that grows underwater. Water hyacinth is a type of seagrass, and is a good source of natural material and can found in abundance in Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. In rattan furniture industry, sometimes the terms water hyacinth and seagrass are used interchangeably.

Seagrass can be weaved into furniture, and is gaining popularity especially in western countries like USA, where people are increasingly environmentally conscious and therefore, are beginning to look for furniture made from natural products. Of course, they have to be durable and affordable at the same time. Like other materials used in rattan furniture making, seagrass is extremely strong and durable, thus making it very suitable to be made into a wide range of furniture and products including dining sets, sofa sets, armchairs, loveseats and bed heads. They can also be made into decorative items like lampshades, rugs, room dividers or storage items like display shelves, bookcases and baskets. The natural light green colour of seagrass furniture looks beautiful and can easily match the existing decor of homeowners.

Not lagging behind current design trends in the furniture making industry, we are able to find seagrass not only being weaved and dyed into classical furniture, but modern and chic looking ones as well, which immediately adds a touch of casual elegance to any room in your home. Unlike some plastic or aluminium furniture, you can recreate and enjoy the romantic, relaxed appeal of a tropical beach front resort or hotel without leaving your home, simply by redecorating your patio with a beautiful seagrass daybed and coffee table. To enhance the look further, complement the furniture with seagrass rugs and lamp shades.

Not only comfortable and beautiful, furniture made from seagrass is also uniquely designed and usually completely handwoven. Moreover, due to its natural colour, you can be sure that each piece of furniture is unique and you will not see the same piece anywhere else. That is the beauty of owning a product made from nature.

Just like anything else, to maintain and prolong the life of you seagrass furniture, you need to give it some tender loving care and attention. One advantage is that they are stain resistant since natural fibers do not soak up liquid. However, if there are any liquid spills, clean them immediately because, if left unattended, liquid spills can result in mold formation and eventually damage the furniture. For regular cleaning, you may use a brush with soft bristles and gently brush off the dust and dirt about once every month or fortnight. Remove any stains with a damp cloth or sponge and let it air dry thoroughly. If there are any cushions made of cloth, wash the cushion covers regularly. Remember that if any cushions are wet, remove them and let them dry thoroughly before putting them back on the seagrass chairs, and you can ensure that you will be able to enjoy your seagrass furniture for a very long time.

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