Teak Furniture – Simple and Elegant

If you have some free time, go to your local furniture mall and take a walk. Notice that teak furniture always seem to be a tad more expensive compared to other wooden furniture. Question is, why is that so? Is there some hidden secret about teak furniture that most people do not know about?

If you spend a little time examining this internationally prized material, you will soon understand why teak furniture cost a little bit more compared to other wooden furniture.

In today's market, there are many different types of wood that are used to create furniture. Some are hard wood, and some are soft wood. Hard wood is usually more durable compared to soft wood. But the nature of the wood makes it difficult for manufacturers to work with it. On the other hand, soft wood like pine or cedar is easier to work with. But they are not as durable as hard wood.

It is very rare to find a type of hard wood that is durable and easy to work with. Teak just happens to be one such example. It is a straight grained wood, which is easy to work with compared to other types of hard wood. On top of that, it has natural qualities that make it an ideal candidate as a building material.

For instance, most types of wood tend to rot due to the moisture in the environment. But teak has got a high level of oils naturally. The oils prevents moisture from entering and damaging the interior of the wood. The oils also help to keep out unwanted insects as well as dirt and grime. In other words, the oils act as a natural protective covering for the wood. Because of the oils, teak furniture is very durable.

Unfortunately, teak is not available in all parts of the world. Mostly, they come from countries such as Indonesia, Thailand or Burma. Often, you find teak being used in different types of ambitious projects such as temples, large boats, etc. Craftsmen find the wood easy enough to work with, and it is not uncommon to find teak with intricate patterns on them.

Initially, teak comes in a bright honey shade. After just one or two years, the color turns to silvery, and that way way forever. It becomes the symbol for strength and durability.

Not all teak furniture comes with complex designs and patterns though. Teak, by nature, is a very solid and durable material. Strong, solid furniture can easily made from teak. Even without complicated designs, teak furniture still stands out among other types of wood furniture.

If you prefer a simple and elegant look, you can always choose to buy basic teak furniture. No frills, and no unnecessary bells and whistles. Just practical, good old fashion furniture.

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