Teak Furniture: Ways to Care for Your Teak Furniture

Teak is a tropical tree which is a high quality hardwood. Not only is it strong and sturdy but it does not easily shrivel from exposure to varying temperatures. You will find that it is most commonly used in the building of boats and ships and well as dock making and so is therefore a very good choice for outdoor / garden furniture to be made from it.

It is also termite proof and does not rot or warp and is strongly resistant to the effects of all sorts of weather that the world throws at us. A major benefit of teak is that it slowly weathers over time and looks to blend in with the natural environment outside. Although teak has an uneven texture and feet oily and the grain can be either straight or wavy depending on where it has come from. You will find that teak originating from Indonesia is mostly a golden brown color. Even though teak wood is strong is can be bent slowly using steam and because it is naturally durable people find it the ideal choice when choosing patio furniture.

You will find that teak wood (tectonic grandis) because it is a durable hardwood and can cope with any climate it is probably the best you can have for outdoor use. It is resistant to water damage and severe weather fronts and it will never rot. Therefore, teak is the ultimate durable product for any outdoor furniture to be made from.

As well as teak not requiring any preservatives or treatment of any kind to protect it from the elements, you will that after some time if you leave the furniture outside with out rubbing with oil it will gradually turn a light silver gray color. This graying usually happens after about 3 months and it all depends on how much sun and rain the furniture is subjected to. But this graying only appears on the surface of the furniture and can easily be removed using soapy water and soft bristle scrubbing brush. But should you wish your furniture to retain the rich honey color that it had when first bought, then all you need do is apply a little teak oil 2 to 3 times each year and this will restore the furniture's natural shine.

The reason for applying a teak oil 2 to 3 times a year to the furniture is so that it contains the rich honey tones of the wood when you first purchased the furniture and also stops the wood from weathering to a soft gray color.

When applying teak furniture oil to your furniture please use the following steps: –

1. Ensure the furniture is completely dry as any moisture on it will be trapped within the wood and may cause black mildew spots to appear after the furniture has been oiled. It may take up to 48 hours for your furniture to try completely after it has rained. So ensure that you leave this amount of time between when it has rained and when you will oil it.

2. Ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from any dust or dirt.

3. Make sure that you apply the teak oil prior to the furniture actually beginning to weather and if it has begun to weather then scrub the furniture with a stiff poly bristled brush and some soapy water, then rinse the furniture off completely and allow it to try .

4. Only use teak oil and never use any over the counter furniture polish. You will be able to purchase teak oil from any good quality hardware store or a marine supplier as teak oil is used extensively on all types of boats and yachts.

5. Remember to follow the instructions provided on the teak oil package before applying it to the furniture and generally this would be that you apply a light coating of the oil using a clean lint free rag or paint brush. Normally one coat should be sufficient. The teak oil will trap any dirt on the furniture and after a while this will darken with age and at some point it will be necessary to scrub off the old oil and then reapply a new coat (usually 2 to 3 times a year is enough) .

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