Teak Outdoor Furniture

Regarding to possess the highest standard in outdoor furnishings, teak is really a difficult long lasting yellowish brown timber of a tall tropical Asian timber tree that ages to 40 meters tall. Countries like India, Indonesia and Myanmar are the highest exporter of this wood. A good instance of an edifice built with teak is the Vimanmek Mansion in Bangkok Thailand. It is considered the largest golden teak building globally.

Originally, teak is made use of in construction of boats but in 1950s and 1960s it was popularized by the Danish as an excellent material for outdoor furniture and other pieces that require weather resistance and durability. It became a symptom of luxury and gained high need as heirloom pieces among the elites. Acquiring furniture made of teak is viewed an extravagance because it expenses much more than other woodlands and in the present generation the timber is already endangered. But if you have money, teak outdoor furniture is a noise investment.

Teak outdoor articles of furniture are built to last more than half a century even under extreme conditions. You do not have to locate this location to protected region or put cover on it. This is because the timber has natural oils which serve its wonderful covering or outside. Over time this covering turns the wood into silvery, gray color. Teak does not require varnish or oil for maintenance. If you apply varnish to teak, it will peel and become hard to take away.

If you apply oil to teak, mold and mildew will form on the furnishings. The best protectant to this timber is a teak sealer. It can be applied to let the wood breathe and preserve its natural honey color. Old teak can still be covered with teak sealer but you have to clean it first. Recoating can be achieved once every twelve months and you can buy teak sealer at any Do-it-Yourself store. You can apply generous amount of coating to avoid smears from sinking in.

Your worries will end after you'd applied teak sealer to your favorite furniture. The process can be achieved again after a year to look after its shine and condition. Dirt and simple smears can be washed with mild soap and water. Teak can withstand being left outside without protective cover like covers and shades. Choosing teak as outdoor furniture gives you the freedom to decorate your garden with less worry of moving in and out the piece of furniture during inclemency. The intricate are employed in your furniture brings in elegance, style and sophistication that put up with out with the beauty of lush flowers and greens.

Teak tables and chairs are hard to bend or break without metals. It is easy to relocate outdoor teak furniture because bumping to other elements does not easily cause damage to it. Teak articles of furniture are cooler than iron and does not soak up heat. Also you do not have to concern yourself about pests destroying this kind of furniture as it is impervious to termites.

You can clean weather-beaten teak furniture in two steps. First, wearing gloves and goggles, you scrub the bottom of your outdoor furniture using a soft bristle brush with caustic soda. When the timber changes its color to deep brown rinse it thoroughly. With one other soft bristle brush, apply phosphoric acid at the identical area that you have cleaned.

Follow only one direction in scrubbing with soda and applying acid. This procedure of cleaning will remove food smears and other dirt. You can sand roughness for a fresher finish.

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