Teak Patio Furniture Ideas

When it comes to choosing patio furniture, you want something that is not only attractive to look at, but durable as well. Unfortunately, there is often a trade-off as far as function and appearance when it comes to outdoor furniture. Often, what looks great in your backyard will only last a few seasons before needing to be replaced, as the weather and the elements will often irreparable harm to outdoor patio sets. For people who are looking for the highest quality patio furniture which also looks great, then, they should consider teak patio furniture to complete their outdoor entertaining areas.

Teak patio furniture is often the first choice for wooden piers, decks, and other outdoor wooden fixtures because it is typically low maintenance and weather resistant. Teak wood comes from a tropical tree, indigenous to tropical regions of Asia and Indonesia. The wood contains high quantities of teak oil which make the wood resistant to moisture, while staying non-slip. Because of the wood not only being exceptionally durable and good-looking, it makes wonderful natural-looking patio set. Not only does it look amazing as a fixture to your outdoor entertainment areas, it is very low-maintenance. It will maintain its integrity for years and years of exposure to the elements with little more care than being rinsed off occasionally.

Another great benefit to having furniture made of teak is that it comes in all styles, sizes, and price ranges. Smaller pieces of teak patio furniture will sell for under $ 500, while larger and more intricate and complicated pieces will sell for several thousand dollars. While it may seem a high price to pay for patio furniture, it will save money overall in the grand scheme of things as it will not ever need to be replaced.

Caring for your teak patio furniture could not be easier. Regular washing with any sort of chemicals is not recommended, as it harms the integrity of the natural teak oils within the wood. A rinsing with fresh water can be done if the furniture is particularly dirty, though a light washdown with salt water is often recommended to keep your teak furniture looking beautiful for years. Your teak patio furniture will look just as good ten years from now as it does the day you bought it home. Mature teak furniture is highly watched after it gains a golden, summer glow as it ages.

When it comes to choosing the best possible furniture for your patio, teak wood is perhaps one of the best possible choices. It will add a beautiful, natural, outdoor feel to your outdoor entertainment area. While it may be a bit pricier than some of the other attractive options available for sale in retail stores, it pays off in the end as it will never need to be replaced. The furniture is also extremely low maintenance, meaning there is almost nothing you need to do in order to preserve the quality and the integrity of the wood furniture. As the years go by, your teak patio furniture will take on a more summery, yellow, and gorgeous glow as it matures.

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