Teak Shower Bench

Teak wood is probably the best furniture wood ever. This tropical wood from Indonesia is known for its resistance to moisture and wood-eating insects. It is known to withstand even heavy rains and extreme climate temperatures. Because of this teak wood is the most thoughtful-after wood for different types of furniture but especially outdoor and shower furniture. Ordinary wood will not be able to survive constant wetness but teak wood is able to surpass these severe tests of time, humidity and temperature. The teak shower bench is perfect for bathroom needs. In addition, teak wood symbolizes luxury and elegance. The bathroom is a nice to place such a bench. You can either sit on it for more comfortable bathing or use it to place your favorite shampoo and bath essentials. It is the safest furniture for the shower and bathroom. With its dual functionality and added elegance to the bathroom, everyone would love to have such seat.

If you look closely at the difference between an aluminum bench for the bathroom and a teak shower bench, the latter is the safer because you do not have to not worry about the metal chipping or warping because of constant wetness. A piece of metal out of place can be dangerous especially inside the bathroom. If you compare this long seat with other kinds of wooden benches, you will notice that in time, this furniture will remain flat and smooth whereas other cheaper kinds of wood will be subject to decaying and mold. It will be a nasty sight inside the favorite haven of the house.

No other wooden furniture will survive the wet and hot conditions inside the bathroom except the teak shower bench. With its known quality, strength and durability, this bench can be considered as an expensive item. This is due to the fact that teak wood is becoming scarce nowdays and the Indonesian government is limiting the use of teak wood in order to preserve and propagate it. As more households want this furniture inside their bathrooms, the supply of teak wood is becoming limited. Scarce supply means higher prices. However, because teak wood is durable and strong, it will remain the most worthy investment than any other wooden furniture, especially in the bathroom.

The colors of the furniture are composed of brown tones. Brown color tones signify our oneness with the earth; therefore the teak shower bench means bathing in the wonderful resource of nature. As mentioned earlier, teak wood is the symbol of luxury and elegance. Is not it nice and lovely to have it around the house? There are a lot of these types of benches that are artistically crafted and designed to provide the feeling of luxury and status. You can choose from hundreds of designs and for sure, you will find the right one that perfectly fits your home as well as your needs.

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