Teak Wood Patio Furniture – Invest in Your Outdoor Furniture

Teak patio furniture is becoming more popular day by day. Designers are busy carving wonders out of this timeless wood. It is highly durable, lightweight and convenient to use. It lasts longer with stunning grace, withstanding all types of weather.

During inclement weather conditions, most of homeowners have to face the problem of keeping their furniture safely inside or carve out proper waterproof spaces outside. In the case that they have teakwood patio furniture it can easily be stored in the basement or garage or for convenience go ahead and flaunt it through the year.

Teak is known as a more expensive wood due to its durability and beauty. It is grown in the extreme climatic conditions of Burma and Indonesia. For several centuries, teak has been brought into use for maritime purposes. It clearly indicates that teak patio furniture is capable to withstand the vagaries of the nature.

While new, teak patio furniture is available in different colors from light to dark brown with the passage of time, it transforms into a light silver gray. The very first appearance of this first gray lining comes into notice after using it for three or four months. The time of weathering largely depends on the type of the climate in a particular region.

Or if you prefer it is possible to reserve this light brown shade of teak patio furniture. To do this, you are required to wash your furniture with mild detergent and water during every spring. Or if you prefer most manufacturers have teak protectors and cleaning solutions available. You may also wash it with your garden hose, but it is recommended to keep the pressure low.

Should you choose the allow the wood to weather to the appealing silver gray you are than free from any hassle of treating your teak patio furniture with any wood spray or oils to keep it safe. However, to keep the brown you must apply the teakwood oil if the furniture is to be kept outside for a very long period. Otherwise, the wood will begin to gray.

Because of it natural oils manufacturers do not generally treat teakwood. It is recommended to avoid the spillage of food or drinks on the wooden surface. But, if it happens, never use any harsh detergents to clean it; just wipe gently with water and if needed a mild cleaner. If this does not do the trick you can use soft sandpaper. Otherwise, these marks fade away over a period.

Over time some small cracks can be noticed in teakwood patio furniture. However, because teak wood contains natural wood oils in a very large quantity, it is almost impossible that it will ever have deep structural cracks. With quality and style such as the Teak Wood Patio Furniture is sure to bring happiness and comfort for generations to come.

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