Teak Wood Uses

So you are interested in Teak wood, eh? This wood is derived from tropical hardwood trees. It is native to the southern and easterly locations of Asia. The trees are very large trees. They often grow to be as tall as130 feet (40 meters). This is the size of a 13 story building! These are not evergreen trees, they do lose their leaves in the dry seasons.

Teak wood is often used for things that will need to withstand harsh weather. You will often find teak used for things like boat ramps, outdoor decks, or outdoor furniture. Teak is considered to be extremely durable so it is also used for indoor flooring and veneer for indoor furniture.

Manufacturers of furniture often use this wood because it is easy to work with and also because of the natural oils and protection it has. Due to these natural oils, it can withstand some of the toughest conditions, for example, being outside in the very cold or very warm weather. This durability is mostly from older and larger trees, but if the youngger teak wood has gone through the proper process of kiln drying, it will improve its durability as well.

Due to the place that this type of wood comes from, you will most often see it in places like India where it is the primary type of wood used for door and window frames. It is also used to make columns and beams for older types of homes. This type of wood is purposely grown in these types of areas so that they can later go back and turn them into lumber for these types of projects.

The problem here is that the older teak is disappearing. Since there is such a huge demand, you will find that it is hard to find the traditional older growth teak wood. Instead, it is kiln dried younger teak. Although as mentioned before, it still serves the purpose of durability and strength, it does drive some environmental concerns.

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