The Indian Furniture Industry

Characteristics of the Indian furniture Industry

An overview

The Industry is a large unorganized one that is large spread through India. The main manufacturing center for the product is in Jodhpur Rajasthan, also a famous tourist destination. Although found in various places, the unorganized sector is large spread out & operates as a still functions as a cottage Industry consistent of people who operate from small workshops.

Due to high raw material prices, have escalated a lot in the past few years since it is mostly in complete wood which is one of the key characteristics. A common reason for this is lack of proper planning & forestry activities undertaken by the Government of India. A proper effort towards this will ensure prices to remain in control. This has posed as a great challenge in the recent past.

Popularity of the Product

Indian furniture is still largely popular in most homes either as stand alone pieces or as complete collection, based on different themes. Today is it popular not only in India but through the World. Since it is mostly made out of complete wood, its care & maintenance would require some effort from time to time but it would pay off in the long run as it outlasts any kind of imported or machine made furniture.
Furthermore there is a magnificent scope in terms of improvement of quality in terms of installation of sophisticated machinery & professionalism from manpower that is unfortunately missing today. As most of the work is done by hand it, the constraint it faces is lack of high production capacity where a county like China has surpassed India.

In terms of competition, the industry faces competition from countries like Indonesia & Mexico where the characteristics of wood & workmanship are very similar. However the product continues to retain its charm due to its inherent character & durable quality.

Recent changes

In the recent past the look of the furniture has undergone a lot of changes as it has blended with various kinds of homes & styles. It has also combined with various materials such as stone, fabrics, several color tones & shades.

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