The Uniqueness of Woodcraft

Woodcraft is very well known in Indonesia since centuries ago even it become part of Indonesian history. Having wide and far territory brings Indonesia in various kinds of woodcraft that are uniquely to each region.

Woodcraft is a skill, which works on wood to create useful and gorgeous woodworking. Woodwork can be such as sculpture, handicraft or carved furniture. Many regions in Indonesia are known as woodcraft producer such as in Java with Jepara which known as carved furniture producer or in Papua which known with Asmat sculpture that has primitive style.

A good many those are inspire woodcraft, such as art, culture, invasion from other country also religion spreading. Indonesia is rich in history of acculturation, which can be seen, in its woodcraft all over the country. Take note for Jepara, Demak and other city in northern coastal area of Java, they have many inspiration from India, China or Middle East culture. It is happened as of the foreigner whose come to these cities harbor thus many merchant freighters is stop by or even settle at there. As a result, Indonesian woodcraft is rich in decoration style.

Indonesian woodcraft is well known in wide world which not only for its beauty for also its quality. Such as gebyog; a traditional wood carving usually place inside the house to divided room from other, is made from best quality of wood. It may made from teak or other wood like mahogany which great for craft and its price rather inexpensive than teak.

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