Things to Love About Teak Furniture

Timeless, durable and sustainable- these are the common labels associated with teak furniture. And these are the reasons as well why homemakers would often get teak first, before checking out what the synthetic materials have to offer.

Some of the best homes and gardens often include teak as the main materials for their outdoor furniture, primarily because of the durability that these materials offer and the amount of styling being the secondary reason. So how durable is this teak material that keeps manufacturers and homemakers asking for more?

You have to note that the very first teak outdoor benches that can be seen in most cities are made from the recycled decking of the old sailing ships. And if you happen to check out the many public parks in England, these parks feature teak benches and some of these are over a century old! These things are testament to the durability of the teak wood material.

As a material, teak is a dense-grained hardwood that is indigenous to Indonesia and other Asian countries. Normally, this tree can be seen on dry and on hilly terrains of the country. And the nice thing is that this material is dense-grained and resistant to a great number of issues that normally attacks other materials.

The material is resistant to rot, warping, shrinkage and warping. Adding to the durability of teak is the presence of high oil natural content. The oil content of wood is tasked as the natural preservative of the material, so allowing any furniture made from teak to lasts for decades outdoors.

But more than a thing of durability, the teak furniture has always been known for its beauty and comfort. Most of us may not age gracefully whether we admit it or not, but trust teak furniture to age gracefully. And its ability to retain its beauty as it ages is also one of its distinct advantages over other pieces of furniture.

As the furniture ages, the outdoor furniture that you put in your patio usually develops that silvery patina which you can allow to remain on its natural state, or you also have the option to revive this to that warm honey glow which can be attained if you sand the surface a little. To add some luster at the surface of the teak furniture, you can brush some teak oil.

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