Why to Consider Teak Wood For Outdoor Patio Furniture

These days there are lots of choices, when buying outdoor furniture in wood. You may find patio furniture made of teak wood, cedar, redwood, bamboo etc. The main element any wood must possess to stand harsh outdoor weather is its oil content. Note that it is not the hardness of the wood, but the oil that makes any wood last for years to come outdoors. Looking at different types of woods; Teak wood stands apart, as it has the highest amount of oil. Compared to other woods, oil does not deplete with time from teak wood. For these two reasons, teak becomes prime candidate to be considered for outdoor furniture manufacturing.

It takes almost half a century for a teak tree to mature that would possess enough oil to be considered to make quality outdoor furniture. With an average lifespan of more than a century, teak wood has long been commended as the ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

Teak oil in the teak wood makes it withstand rigors and harsh climates. Good grade A teak wood can stand temperatures as low as minus 50degree and as high as plus 60degree without being affected. Teak oil makes the wood resistant to warping, cracking, and it is also resistant to insects including termite. In fact in some parts of Indonesia the leftover teak wood powder is spread around to repel misquotes and other insects.

Good source of teak comes from Forest cultured teak in Central Java, Indonesia. The area is known for skilled world class carpenters, and they still use hand made furniture using tenon and mortise joinery. Due to their sheer craftsmanship skills they make classic as well as modern furniture both for indoor and outdoor. These carpenters are known for their carving skills as well. Bali style benches or java style relaxing chairs or just western designs can be crafted using good grade teak wood. You will admire this fine piece of furniture for years to come.

Teak furniture would change color according to the weather condition. If a teak chair is left indoors it start getting darker and if left outdoors will start changing to gray. The time it takes to change gray, depends how long furniture sits in the sun and how healthy the ozone layer is in that part of the world. At the end it is the UV rays that make it change color. You can keep this new look by applying teak protector or applying teak oil. Please note that teak oil will just change the wood cosmetically but will not affect the strength or integrity of the wood itself.

Over the time you may also see small cracks, known as "Checking" appears on the wood. This checking usually happens where the wood grain is cut. Checking will improve with time as the wood gets acclimated to the surrounding weather. Teak wood does not splint either, another good reason for teak wood to be considered for Patio furniture.

Cleaning and regular maintenance of the teak wood furniture is very simple. Just wash with soapy water, and when stored make sure it gets breathing air. Do not store in a damp area.

Due to its life expectancy, low maintenance, resistance to all kind of weathers and insects, no splinting, teak has been number one choice for furniture manufacturing especially outdoor furniture.

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