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Teak Branch Furniture is one of our website and a symbol that we provide beautiful furniture and celebrate natural materials. We do love nature beauty and we manifest it into furniture we provide. So this is where we are proposing one of our most beautiful collections named Tissa chair.

The Tissa Chair is a very attractive and completely unique chair. Made from teak branch and totally handcrafted by our best craftsmen. We keep its natural colors as the way it is. We wanted to show the beautiful natural color of the teak branches - whitish with brownish grain.

Tissa chair has pyramid shaped with an additional horizontal piece of wood at the top of back rest. But trust me, you won't find these chairs exactly similar one to the other. It is the matter of natural shape of teak branch. And these pretty curves are a plus. Added with round seat - one piece of suar / teak wood, this is what we call natural beauty. It is perfect for placing teak branch chair into indoor space - it is not recommended to place it in outdoor areas. This is belonging to soft wood classification.

Dimension: (HWD)
Tissa Chair: 90 x 45 x 53cm