Enuka Teak Branch Sofa 1 Seater

Proudly present a masterpiece of us, Wisanka, named as Enuka sofa 1 seater. This is a chair made of teak branch. A material has a natural beauty that radiates perfectly. Having a natural color, which is whitish with dark brownish grain color, this contrasting two colors blend creates harmonious, clean, beautiful looks. This is being our reason why we expose its natural color.

This teak branch chair is equipped with a seat and back rest cushion that will support the comfort of anyone who sit on it. With a bright, clean-looking wood color, we used a white fabric color. We use off white woven fabric. This type of fabric is Indonesia locally made by best craftsmen using non machine loom.

From the seat shape, Enuka chair is perfect for relaxing time. Putting it next to the window of your room is a perfect idea. You can sit back and relax looking outside through window. By drinking a glass of tea in the afternoon and eating a slice of bread, this will relax you more. Further this chair enables you to change your private room to be warmer, more comfortable, and calm.

Dimension: (HWD)

Enuka Sofa 1 Seater: 75 x 60 x 95cm

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