Kalla Shoes Teak Branch Rack

Kalla Rack: Impeccable and Luxurious Boho Statement Furniture

We often encounter vintage and old-style furniture in boho-style interior design. So, many believes that boho furniture style is the old-style and vintage one. Some other says that boho furniture is all furniture having natural charm. But recently, teak branch furniture is sprung up as a boho furniture style. And it becomes a trend in many countries in the world.  

Kalla Rack is one of Wisanka’s new designs that is unique. It’s another multi-function rack we design. And, it is in boho style range. It has a truly natural beauty whose reputation is beyond doubt. Seeing the pure white color with dark brown wooden grain and authentic shape of teak branch which is kept, this will immerse you into its charm.

Kalla has a fairly simple design, with a basic beam shape with teak branch ornamentation with a smaller diameter than the frame. The ornaments are on the right and left side. It forms like an artistic leaf bone. It is totally unique and beautiful. Kalla is a kind of attractive rack which can be a true statement of a luxury.

Dimension: (HWD)

Kalla Rack: 96 x 94 x 44cm

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