Renna Teak Branch Bench 2 Seater

Adding Charming and Functional Bench into Your Space – Renna Bench

Handmade furniture is still and still has a high value in the market. Because it requires expertise from craftsmen that not everyone has.

Renna bench is one of our handmade furniture. This bench was handcrafted by our best craftsmen. And with the best designer team we have, we create simple, sturdy, functional, and beautiful furniture design.

Renna Bench is made of teak branch which is endowed with natural beauty. No one doubts it. W do not really need much to beautify it. It is enough to maintain what is already attached to it. What we do is attach some pieces of wood as what we want and it will magically bewitch you.

The strength of our teak branch bench lies on the design as well as the natural beauty inherent in this bench material. The combination of two points is able to change your room instantly to be unique and fresh. You will get your friends and family’s impressions by placing them in your room.

Dimension: (HWD)

Renna Bench 80: 73 x 89 x 40cm

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