Duffin Teak Branch Shoes Rack

That boho furniture is a design that is currently popular in various parts of the world as well as boho interior design. This is a style that combines several textures into a room. For example, wooden furniture in a boho style and vintage-style furniture are combined in a room by adding some colorful fabric accessories. Some says this style is about carrying a natural charm into a house that is not fixated on firm lines.

Duffin Rack, this is one of our collections, is in this range. Duffin Rack is made of material having great reputation as furniture materials that are able to bring an aura of natural beauty to every product. By its natural white color with natural dark brown grain, this we need no a finishing color to maintain its beauty. Apart from that, we also keep natural shape of teak branch. So you would not find exactly similar color and shape of one to another. Only the outline is the same.

Functionally, this Duffin Rack is indeed a multi-purpose shelf where you can store some of your items on this shelf. But other than that, this shelf is perfectly placed in a boho style room. Add some colorful fabrics and a vase complete with fresh plants, and then magically you have a teak branch rack which is also being the center point of your room.

Dimension: (HWD)

Duffin Rack: 113 x 85 x 44cm

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